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Graceland Icons

It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum... but I'm all outta' gum.

Graceland Icons .[Yogurtpixi's icon journal].

I'm currently working on bringing my icon journal back from the dead. Thanks for your patience!

To make this a little more personal, this is me.

I'm 21 and a Senior at Susquehanna University

My name is Brit and as you can see this is my icon journal. My main journal is yogurtpixi. I started making icons around 2003 when this journal became popular and abandoned it sometime in early 2005, but I missed it and I'm back to make more icons. :) Some of my old ones I have re-uploaded and re-posted so that those who liked them can still enjoy them (they are the ones with "The Vault" labeled before them). I do not take personal requests anymore but if you have a theme you want me to do, feel free to comment and I'll definitely consider it (I read all my comments because I love you guys). Thanks and enjoy the icons!

Rules & General Info

[x]This is not an icon community and never will be. I don't expect people to have to join to see my icons. If you want to friend me to watch and see when I update feel free to do so, I add everyone who adds me back.
[x]Please don't steal my icons and say you made them, it's just rude.
[x]You don't need to credit[though it's always nice so other people can find me], just don't claim you made it.
[x]Don't ask, just take, but leave a comment.
[x]PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not hotlink my icons.
[x]Customization is perfectly fine[if you do it], just don't ask me to do it unless I know you through my regular LJ.
[x]I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, Paint Shop Pro 6 (and 8) and Animation Shop 3 to make my icons

Font sites

Da Font

1001 Free Fonts

Pizza Dude


Awards and all that Jazz

@ the_icon_ritz

Most Whimsical: x [1] [2] [3] [4]
Best Lyrical: x [1]
Best Animated: x [1]
Best Kick Ass: x [1]
Best Out-of-the-box: x [1]

@ i_contest

@ midclass_icons
Best Horror: x [1]
Best Animation[2nd place]: x [1]

@Pixelation(at Deadjournal)

Most Cute: x [1]
Best Humor: x [1]

If you want to link me, you can pick from the banners below(please don't hotlink, upload them to your own server):